Who We Are


We endeavor to be a church where...


- People experience the glory and presence of God in authentic worship and community

- Believers become engaged in the world mission of God's Kingdom



Our Affiliation


House of Oaks Ministries is against the improper emphasis within denominations that sets up one denomination as being superior to others or that emphasizes denominations in a way that divides the body of Christ. However, we do not want to be so prideful that we think that we can operate independent of the safety and accountability of being involved with a broader body of believers.

Our ministry was birthed out of the Rainier Avenue Church, and has affiliation with the Free Methodist Church of North America, and the Pacific Northwest Conference

The Free Methodist Church was organized on August 23, 1860. The denomination is tied together formally by a common constitution, historically by common Christian commitments and goals. We are fundamental in belief, evangelical in purpose, holiness in spirit and Wesleyan in doctrine. To find out more about our Free Methodist Family please visit... www.pnwc.org


Our Mission


… is to know God and make Him known, sharing His love for the lost and compassion to those in need.


Our Vision


… is to build a community of believers that passionately obey the Great Commandment with all of their hearts, and that make the Great Commission the great priority of their lives.


Our Strategy


WIN – Leading people to Christ through relational ministry, late-night outreach, personal evangelism, summer day camps, and outreach events.

MENDHealing and Growing people to spiritual maturity through community life groups, healing ministries, and intentional prayer gatherings.

EQUIP Equipping people with ministry skills through leadership training, EDGE (engagement) classes, one-on-one mentoring, and internships.

SENDReleasing servant-leaders into the community and the world through intensive ministry training and providing opportunities for hands-on ministry.